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Savior Protection

Founder Todd C. Woolston is a retired Law Enforcement Officer who spent 16 years serving in a variety of key positions on the Police Force; obtaining the rank of Lieutenant.  Upon retiring, while serving at a church in the Hampton Roads area, he quickly recognized the vulnerabilities the church world is exposed to on a constant basis.  It was out of this burden in which Savior Protection was born. 

Dedicated to establishing & maintaining SAFE Houses of Worship by providing Professional, Practical, and Relevant Security Training to Ushers, Greeters, Staff, Volunteers, and Leadership.

Why Church Security?  For many years, for the most part, most churches in the United States didn't have to spend much time with church security issues other than break-in's, vandalism, and a few other minor incidents; however, that time has departed and a new era has come where churches are experiencing violent & deadly crimes against women, children, and clergy.  While many churches have alarm systems, very few have a Trained Security Team that can stop a live shooter, child abduction, and other violent crimes that are becoming common place in Houses of Worship.  In reality, in a "Live Shooter" situation, according to the Department of Homeland Security; the act of violence is over long before law enforcement ever arrives at the scene of the incident.  This is the reason that church's have the responsibility to establish Security Programs to prevent and avoid the potential acts of violence against houses of worship.

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