* Security Assessments for your Facility

* Security Team Training and Development

* Defensive Tactics Training

* Usher and Armor-bearer Training

* Critical Event and Disaster Preparedness

* Security Certification Course

* How to Effectively Remove Disturbances

* Traveling Abroad Safely for Pastors & Missionaries

* Women's Self Protection Seminars


Savior Protection

Dedicated to establishing & maintaining SAFE Houses of Worship by providing Professional, Practical, and Relevant Security Training to Ushers, Greeters, Staff, Volunteers, and Leadership.

"Serving the Church Community Since 2004"

Founder Todd C. Woolston is a retired Law Enforcement Officer who spent 16 years serving in a variety of key positions on the Police Force; obtaining the rank of Lieutenant.  Upon retiring, while serving at a church in the Hampton Roads area, he quickly recognized the vulnerabilities the church world is exposed to on a constant basis.  It was out of this burden in which Savior Protection was born. 

To learn more about our services & fees, Please contact us at 757-788-1503 or send us a message on our contact page.