Savior Protection


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Dedicated to establishing & maintaining SAFE Houses of Worship by providing Professional, Practical, and Relevant Security Training to Ushers, Greeters, Staff, Volunteers, and Leadership.

Founder Todd C. Woolston is a retired Law Enforcement Officer who spent 16 years serving in a variety of key positions on the Police Force; obtaining the rank of Lieutenant.  Upon retiring, while serving at a church in the Hampton Roads area, he quickly recognized the vulnerabilities the church world is exposed to on a constant basis.  It was out of this burden in which Savior Protection was born. 

"Serving the Church Community Since 2004"

* Security Assessments for your Facility

* Security Team Training and Development

* Defensive Tactics Training

* Usher and Armor-bearer Training

* Critical Event and Disaster Preparedness

* Security Certification Course

* How to Effectively Remove Disturbances

* Traveling Abroad Safely for Pastors & Missionaries

* Women's Self Protection Seminars